It were the ancient Romans who first recognized the quality of red West-Istrian soil, abundant sunshine and ideal climate for viticulture and making quality wine, and this true love for wine has stayed in this region until today.

The success story of Vivoda wines begins as far back as 1952, and it still continues. In the past, the people of Rovinj were the ones to enjoy the Vivoda wine, from a hardworking peasant, to the gentlefolk. Being as it is, that a good word travels great distances, the circle of Vivoda wine lovers spread beyond the boundaries of Rovinj, and it became a recognizable name outside Istria, and Croatia as well.

You can taste Vivoda wines in almost every finer hotel and restaurant in the Rovinj region and alongside West-Istrian coast. And of course, you can always try them at the Vivoda winery in Rovinj.

Back in 1952, Vivoda family started growing quality indigenous sort of grape wine - Istrian malvazia. With a little help from the people of Rovinj who instantly recognized its quality, the story of success for the Vivoda wines began. The Vivoda family slowly began to spread their vineyards, so they decided to expand their knowledge of wine-growing to other sorts; therefore, they now grow four sorts on area larger than 10 ha: malvazia, teran, merlot and muscat white.

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