In Istria, winegrowers are doubly blessed: with a variety of soils and locations that suit different varieties, autochthonous and international; perfect climatic conditions in geographical locations where the Alpine and Mediterranean climates meet. Vina Laguna's vineyards on different Istrian terroirs were selected and arranged precisely with the intention of emphasizing all these benefits.

Red soils are closer to the sea, and white soils rich in calcium minerals predominate on the hills towards the interior. Ancient autochthonous varieties such as Teran and Malvasia grow alongside world-famous varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Blanc - with the many years of experience of many generations of winegrowers, we have come to know which position is best for certain varieties, for a certain style of wine. Coastal locations with good permeability, for example, are good for merlot, and the styles of autochthonous Malvasia wines change depending on location and altitude – part of the fascination with Istria is in exploring these differences and possibilities.

Wherever the vines grow, whatever the microclimate in a particular location, the whole of Istria is bathed in a warm but moderate climate. In contrast to Venice in the north of the Adriatic Sea, Istria is spared the extreme temperatures that affect the production of strong wines in the south. Spring showers help bud growth, fresh breeze aerates the soil, and long summers allow winemakers to pick each variety at the ideal moment of maturity and balance.

Just as Istrian vineyards benefit from their location and climatic conditions, so do Istrian wines. They are also the result of human hands deep in the earth. Since ancient times, immigrants from the land or the sea have inhabited Istria and produced wine. This unique peninsula benefited from the cultures that developed and improved winemaking: from Rome, Byzantium, Venice and Austria. Winemaking developed in the only ways known at that time - through trial and error. Today, with the help of modern technologies, scientific achievements and thousand-year-old traditions, our vineyards in Istria are flourishing.

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