That wine is a medicine for soul was recognized by Greek sailors in ancient times when they drank good wines in Istria. The Romans boasted of Istrian olive oil and wines, and the great Austro-Hungarian monarchy, enchanted by Istrian wine built the Trieste - Porec railway, which they called the wine railway. In the middle of the 19th century, mass planting of vines and the development of viticulture began.

When something is good and succeeds, then is natural to do it. So my grandparents have always planted vines and produced wine. They exported it and the main market at that time (SFRY) was Slovenia, and after the independence of the Croatian state, everything become complicated at the boredrs and stoped... My uncle was the oldest of us he continued the family tradition. My father always had about 10 rows of vines for himself, for his own enjoyment.

As a child, I played more in the vineyards than I was interested in.When I had to enroll in high school, I doubted which one I would and in the end I choosed Agricultural. Apparently I was subconsciously drawn to it. And it's a logical sequence because I live here so it's smartest to educate yourself and give your best in what you have. In high school, I began to practice in the vineyards of the Institute. As nothing is accidental, the class teacher recommended me to work at the Institute after graduating from the basement of the min- unification.

Usually winemakers by last name develop their brand and I couldn't do that beacuse some Bernobići already existed in winemaking, so I had to come up with something original. I wanted to have the name inspired by my place - Visnjan. Vicinus is the old Latin name for Visnjan which means a place that is in the immediate vicinity. Italian called Visnjan Vicini and I added M. I took the logo out of an old sundial as a link to astrology beacuse there is an observatory nearby. Visnjan is known

A little bit history, love for Visnjan and the name come out...

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