Veralda Winery is located on the most famous wine growing position of northern Istria, on the famous Buje hills stretching between Buje and Brtonigla.

Being the surname Visintin very widespread in Istria, the name of the winery has been taken after the name of the vineyard located right next to the wine cellar.

The family tradition began in 1938 on about ten acres of land that included vineyards and other crops, until the family specialized in growing vines and olives.

The winery is proud to have produced the best red wine in the world, which today represents the only and most respected wine award in Croatia, the "Platinum Best in Show" reward, received in London in 2016.

With this recognition, the Teran variety and the Istrian region have been put on the very top of the world wine scene.

Veralda has been the driver of innovation in the development of indigenous varieties, proved among other things by the sensational discovery of the first Rose' by Teran, which has soon become a style in the production of Istrian Rose, as well as of sparkling wine, giving Teran an elegance and a whole new dimension in pairing in an oenological and gastronomic sense.

Therefore, we can say that Veralda is an example of authenticity, tradition and innovation.

The top quality of our wines has been confirmed by a number of international medals and awards.

Veralda is today a family-owned company that employs 15 full-time employees.

Our vision is to develop indigenous varieties through organic production and innovative approaches, because in this way we can express the uniqueness, nobility and tradition of the territory, especially when we know who we are and what we strive for.

Our mission is to put man first. It doesn't matter how much we know about wine, it matters what we feel when we taste it. In that moment any other information becomes redundant.

Only the emotions and pleasure that the wine gives us are important, so we are focused on the intensity of the taste to ensure the longest enjoyment and evolution of pleasure.

Our contribution to the development of winemaking of Istria as a region and destination is the sensational discovery of Rose by Teran. We produced the first Rose' in history obtained from 100% Teran, an indigenous Istrian variety, which laid the foundations to the development of Istrian winemaking.

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