'The Red Land' (terra rossa) around the Meneghetti Wine Hotel is hard and poor soil, richer in stone than soil, intense, mineral, and rich in iron, favorable for cultivating red wine grapes. It is protected by a small hill from the south that prevents excessive humidity, and it gives the vine a long and healthy lifespan with strong aromas. “The Red Land” of the Meneghetti vineyards is cultivated in an ecologically sustainable manner with deep respect towards nature. The vine is pruned by hand according to the Simonit & Sirch method which is soft with the purpose of nurturing the plant in order to achieve older age. Along with the autochthonous sorts, we are cultivating international varieties that get special characteristics, affected by the local terroir, the unique soil, and the environment full of Mediterranean vegetation. The wines are produced using contemporary technologies that reflect the uniqueness of Istria, at the same time crossing the boundaries with its character and quality.

If you enjoy discovering new products of top quality and trying the best delicacies, then you must visit Istria which has been named the best region for olive-growing in the world. One of the most respected and most awarded producers of liquid gold is precisely Meneghetti. We are rightfully proud of our oils, made with hand-picked olives from our estate. Our single-variety oils are recommended by Flos Olei, one of the most prestigious international guides for olive oil, that has named the Meneghetti “Izbor” the best olive oil in the world in the category of “intensely fruity aroma“. Are you ready to experience Istria and immerse yourself into the special experience of tasting our liquid gold?

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