Kabola wines are adorned with a centuries-old tradition of viticulture and the production of top and quality wines. Since 1819, vines have been grown in their own vineyards located at 275 m above sea level. The vineyards are located on a hill called Štancija and in the location Kanedolo near Momjan in the northwestern part of the Istrian peninsula. The clay soil, rich in marl, gives their Malvasia and Teran special features.

Labels Malvasia Istria, Malvasia Unica, Malvasia Amfora, Muscat Momjanski, Sparkling RE, Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran Amfora and Supremo begin their journey of good wine in the vineyards where the diligent hands of the owners create grapes that are the image of this region and climate. There are no great wines without quality grapes.

Amphora wine - the crown of their work is wine from amphorae. This is where nature and the earth gave them the most. Prolonged fermentation in amphorae and resting of wine without removing drops and sediments until late spring, enrich Istrian Malvasia and Teran, giving them a completely new dimension. Grapes are born from the earth and give their juice to the earth so that it can turn it into wine.

Wine seeks the shade of the underworld, it wants peace - in the cellars of the Kabola winery, the wine is nurtured to the desired quality and characteristics. During shorter or longer macerations in oak barrels or amphorae, wines of special notes are born. Summed up in drops, Kabola wines reveal all the goodness and charms of the Momjan region.

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